Fall Protection Planning

Southern Safety Fall Protection
8am - 3pm
Full body harness (we have a selection to choose from if needed)

The purpose of this 6 hour course is to promote safe work practices and procedures for participants who work at heights (over 3 meters/10 feet) by increasing their awareness of fall prevention and fall protection. The training session will include:

* informing participants about the current Alberta OH&S legislated minimum requirements for fall protection,

* educating and familiarizing participants in the proper selection, use, maintenance, storage and limitations of fall protection equipment, and

* understanding and applying an effective OH&S compliant Fall Protection Plan.

Using proper techniques and equipment, participants will learn and be able to demonstrate proper selection, fitting and adjustment of fall protection equipment. Training will also include introduction and hands-on familiarization of a wide range of fall protection equipment utilized in industry. By special arrangement, work
site specific training can be customized for companies and organizations to provide options and solutions to their Fall Protection Plan challenges.

Upon successful completion of the course, and a written examination, a three (3) year Certificate of training will be issued.

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